A Year of Contrasts!

Sweeping aerials or striking closeups. Extraordinary beauty is found on many scales. 

This year brought me to the tropical iconic landscapes of Hawaii. From broad overhead shots of the famed Waikiki Beach to aerials of the emerald-hues and sharp ridges of the Na Pali Coastline from afar. Heading north, Elsa must have had a bad day… as a frosty ice storm and squall charged through, leaving my hometown coated in a dazzling glaze for days. The ice looked like brittle rock candy as it encased individual pine needles or appeared as a clear smooth resin captured in the curled leaves of a rhododendron. In both environments, patterns and fractals emerge, always inspiring a second look, always increasing awareness of the world around us.

My commercial pursuits added new things to my portfolio. From earthy manicured grounds of a mansion estate to the runways of flight based operations for the aviation industry. The opportunity to shoot new, adds a fresh perspective to everything.

It remains a joy to donate my time and work to raise money for my community and literally bring smiles to the children. I am proud to support Operation Smile and the Palisades Community Center again this year.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

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What a Year!

Forever bored with the increasing array of niche photography, I remain committed to buck this trend and INDULGE AND EXPLORE generalist pursuits. And this year, I have been engaged more than ever!

Having EXPANDED my fine art and Getty Images repertoire into the product and portrait genres, I am focused on joining my creative sensibility with the quality and excellence of a specialist. The subject may change, but the underlying minimalist style and interpretation remains. Let me know if you want to set up a session.

Not only has my website been updated, A NEW CATEGORY has been launched where you can shop direct and purchase a selection of signed limited editions prints. Essentially, any image from my site is available with custom orders of any size. Just reach outPerhaps you still need some gifts for the holidays?

LOOKING AHEAD, I am eager to develop more offerings for secondary markets. Please enquire if you would like to carry limited edition prints in your store or would like to rent artwork for real estate staging or other interior design applications.

OVER THE PAST YEAR, I have continued to add to my wanderlust adventures, visiting near and far for inspiration: London, Copenhagen, Prague, Boston and the ‘Vineyard.’

KEEPING ON POINT with giving back, I have donated my work to Operation Smile, raising over $800 for their charity auction event. And back by popular demand, to the Palisades Community Center fundraiser to donate my time and services for the Holiday Family & Pet Portrait Sessions.

LOVE   |   LIGHT   |   LIFE

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